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Eyelash Extensions for Your Eye Shape

Not all women can pull off a full volume set of eyelash extensions. Other than your lifestyle and objectives, your eye shape is a factor for the right choice. Ask our lash artists for advice. Selena’s Lash Studio – Our Lashes Speak Volumes. [button link=”tel:1-909-817-5611″ color=”custom” size=”large” stretch=”no” type=”flat” shape=”square” target=”_self” title=”” gradient_colors=”#ffb704|#ffb704″ gradient_hover_colors=”#785602|#785602″ accent_color=””…

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Give Them Love: Foods for Healthy Lashes

foods for healthy lashes

The health of any part of your body is largely dependent on whether it is getting all the nutrients that are necessary for its optimum function. So, it goes without saying that your eyelash health is contingent upon a diet that has the right combination of both macro-nutrients (carbohydrates and proteins) and micro-nutrients (minerals and…

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Which Eyelash Extension Effect Should You Choose?

eyelash extension effect

Have you been considering getting amazing eyelash extensions but you aren’t sure about what style and effect to get? Here are a few eyelash extension effects to give you some inspiration. Eyelash Extension Effect Natural Eyelash Extension Style This is an eyelash extension effect that aims to mirror what eyes with long eyelashes and a…

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