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healthy lashes

How to Keep Healthy Lashes and Long Lasting Extensions

Healthy Lashes You came to our lash studio and got your eyelash extensions. You left feeling amazing, but now you get home and realize you ...
makeup with lash extensions

The Art of Makeup with Lash Extensions

Are you searching for inspiring looks for makeup with lash extensions? Eyelash extensions offer the added benefit of turning your normal look more glamorous and ...
eyelash extensions

Makeup Products that are Bad News for Eyelash Extensions

Getting your eyelash extensions is so exciting! Whether you’ve come to see us to get them done or you’re thinking about it, we want to ...
perfect eyebrows

Not Just Lashes: Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows Perfect eyebrows are coveted nowadays because they can do so much for your appearance. Nice looking eyebrows can frame your face and help ...
celebrities with eyelash extensions

What’s Their Secret?

6 Celebrities With Eyelash Extensions There are plenty of celebrities with eyelash extensions. It has become one of the hottest beauty trends in Hollywood in ...
lash studio

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Lash Studio

Lash Studio Heavy, fake eyelash strips are a thing of the past, single eyelash extension is the new best thing. But before choosing a lash ...
healthy eyelashes

How to Keep Healthy Eyelashes

If you are like most women, you likely desire lush and healthy eyelashes. However, if the eyelashes you were born with are short and tend ...
Choosing Eyelash Extensions | Dior Lashes Studio

Which Type of Eyelash Extensions is Right for Your Eye Shape?

If you weren’t blessed with naturally long eyelashes, you have the option of choosing eyelash extensions and feeling more confident about your appearance. The type of ...

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